For Sale: Yashica GSN.

I have tested or cleaned the camera. It works properly. The price is 27.50 USD plus shipping. We can talk about shipping if you are committed to buying. Paypal only. No paypal gift payments. I will not ship as a gift. I will not change the invoice. NO BATTERIES included.

Body Condition: The body is in very good condition. There are minor abrasions and scuffs. The are no dents or dings to the body. The is no brassing. The filter ring is undamaged, so no problem screwing on and off a filter. There is no battery leak damage.

Lens Condition: The lens has no mold or haze or cloudiness. I cannot detect any cleaning marks.

Meter Condition: The meter seems accurate. The over and under arrows light up. The meter and shutter adjust to the ISO setting. You do have adjust the ISO one stop to get a proper reading because of the different voltage with modern batteries over the prohibited original mercury battery.

Shutter Condition: The shutter blades are clean and snappy. There is no oil on the lens.

Aperture Blades Condition: The blades are clean and stop down nicely.

Viewfinder Condition: The viewfinder is dirty. The yellow focusing patch is visible and seems aligned vertically and horizontally correctly.

The light seals need to replaced.