I like CR200. I hadn't heard of the batch variations, that's an interesting thought. In my experience, it is quite yellow, and quite grainy. I shoot it at ASA 200, which seems right to me (?). But then, I shoot Velvia 100 at ASA 125.

Here are some excerpts from the data sheet, which can be found at maco-photo.de:
:Aviphot Chrome 200 PE1 is a panchromatic colour reversal film for aerial photography from low to medium altitude (15,000 ft or approx. 5,000 m).

:Aviphot Chrome 200 PE1 is designed for making aerial photographs in different types of cameras.

The film is used for the interpretation of aerial photographs, in photogrammetry, for reconnaissance
and publicity.

This film is particularly suitable for mapping and oblique photography. Since the images can be
used directly in plotting equipment, copying is superfluous.

The sensitivity of the film is 200 ASA. It can be exposed in all classical cameras. Exposure depends
on the light reflected by the earth, the altitude and flying speed of the aircraft and processing
conditions (pushed or not).
Here's a photo I took last summer. This is a crappy scan of a homemade interneg made from the original slide, so you can make of that what you will. To my eyes, the original slide is even yellower, but not as contrasty. Since the film is roughly half the cost of the next cheapest slide film currently available anywhere, I'd suggest just trying the stuff! It comes as a 2-pack in a really cool double cassette holder.

0954NEG0016 by LJ Slater, on Flickr