Tmax is far less grainy than Tri-X; for example you can make a 16x20 print from 6x7 TMY2/xtol and not see any grain. Lots of examples here. And you can shoot it at EI800 easily without getting problematically high contrast.

If you want the little extra sharpness and bite of some visible grain, soup your Tmax in Rodinal. The grain has more magnitude than in Xtol or D76 but it is much finer than with Tri-X.

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I need a tad (just a tad) of grain; enough to let the images stand out as only true film can. While I convert a bunch of color to B&W digi files all the time, it's just just not the same; they lack soul.

The 90 does do well on shadows, but it lacks contrast/saturation (at least with the Porta films I put through it). I'm guessing if I use a filter on it I will get better results, but then my hopes for handheld diminish even more.
Both of those statements indicate that your scanning workflow is lacking but this isn't the place to talk about it. I have a C41 scan howto in my FAQ (see below) though and you might want to play with S-curves to make your B&Ws punchier.