I dig my slides out occasionally and view them on a lightbox. I too use a 50mm lens as a loupe, but I also have an inexpensive 15x loupe with which I can "zoom in". Hardly any of my slides are mounted, which makes me reluctant to invest in a projector. Can anyone recommend a slide mount that shows 100% of the image? Does Gepe make a reusable 100% mount?

It blows my mind each time I view slides on the lightbox. It takes me back to the time and place of the photograph; I feel as though I'm standing right there with my camera, and I can remember the sounds and smells, what the weather was like, and what mood I was in.

I have been feeling the urge to print some of my slides, as I've been shooting E6 for several years without any prints to show for it. My first attempt at home internegging was disappointing. I am planning on trying again; next time I'm going to experiment with pre-flashing the negatives. I may get a scanner sometime down the road, but first I'd like to try RA-4 printing from internegs, if I can get them right. Even when and if I'm able to print, I doubt the impact will be the same as viewing the slide directly.