At work, for commercial/video work, we typically use a 1200w HMI along with some smaller lights for fill/specialty lighting. Sometimes we bring along an additional 1200w or 2000w HMI depending on the scene but still try to bring the exposure down(mainly by either bouncing light, scrimming, or silking the light) so we can shoot f1.8 on our lenses.

For my own personal analog photography, I like to work with natural light as much as possible. So I guess in other words... I don't shoot with studio lighting much. But on the few occasions I have, I'll just throw up our 1200w HMI(to sort of edge light) and put a silk diffusion in front of it, maybe a half or quarter scrim to cut down on the light a bit, and I'll be shooting between f1.7-f4ish with 400 speed film in my ME Super.

I don't know if what I just blurted out really helps at all, but I figured I'd share my common uses for studio lights, atleast. Fresnels are great because they are much easier to focus. I would recommend getting some sort of flags/filters/gel set if you don't have some already. Fresnels can be harsh and it's nice to soften them up a bit.