Thank you for a great writeup. I thought the 645 series were their own lenses. So, these are the lenses I have

* 80mm f/2.8
* 45mm f/2.8 (w/ the 77mm filter)

They are both C series lenses. That they date from the 1970's would not surprise me. They are sort of heavy, but that really doesn't bother me because I really like the nice solid feel to them. The 1000S feels like it is built like a tank and no doubt it is.

Unfortunately, the 45mm was dropped at some point in its life and the filter ring is dented. Nothing else seems to be wrong with it though, attesting to the solid build of these things. The seller included the 45mm as a "bonus" and didn't represent it as working.

I also got the aluminum case, a hand grip, lens hoods and a whole other bunch of accessories. My guess is that it once belonged to a wedding photographer.

The only problem I am having with the whole kit right now is that my 14 year old daughter is trying to glom onto it as fast as possible. She loves anything with a "twisty lens."

-- Jason