PRICE: 350 USD SHIPPED WITH EMS to the States, Australia, New Zealand, Asia.
PRICE: 365 USD SHIPPED WITH EMS to South America.

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Canon 50mm f1.4. This lens has been cleaned, lubricated or adjusted.

Overall Condition: Excellent. There is very little wear on the lens body. The rear mounting threads are in excellent condition. The lens screws onto my Canon 7 rangefinder camera. The filter ring is not damage. No problem screwing on a filter or onto a Leica LTM camera.

Lens Condition: Excellent. The lens was cleaned to remove some mold. There appears to be no marks left behind from the mold or the cleaning. There is no haze, mold, fungus or cloudiness. The lens has no visible cleaning marks. There is some internal dust, but is minimal.

Focusing Condition: The lens was re-greased, so focusing is smooth, but a little heavier than I am use to. There is no slippage. Focus is nicely dampened.

Aperture Ring and Blades Condition: The aperture ring is smooth. It clicks at all stops. The aperture blades close down to f22, Please check the photos. The blades have spot of dry oil in two places. It is dry oil and does affect the opening and closing of the blaades.

Notes: There is a front lens cap, but no rear cap.