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Exactly. The amount the shots "will likely suffer", as LJSLATER may agree, is not that much.

If you develop both normally, the snow shots might need a Grade 1 filter and the fog shots might need a Grade 4 filter (when you print). This is not a bad thing in itself.

Bruce Barnbaum would not like to have the poorer quality - it is measurable in terms of detail and grain and sharpness. Measurable but it's not much. Most amateurs are quite satisfied with the compromise you might make. Bruce and other very quality conscious photographers will strive for the very best negative, so they will talk about how you can still make perfect negatives with roll film and several cameras.

I personally am happy with a lot. But I also get great pleasure from understanding and applying these exposure and processing techniques.
I agree. And if I may submit one last thing, mporter012, if you're going to be sharing equipment and chemicals with other photographers, your film "will likely suffer" regardless! Not to be overly dramatic; hopefully your instructor will mix and monitor the chemicals....