may I ask the lens you used for the second headshot. The lens is giving a very nice look for portrait/tight shots

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I only have little experiance with TriX, and from that I prefer HP5+. It's easy to get EI 1600 from HP5+ f.e. in Emofin or 800 - 1600 in Caffenol-C-L.

#1 HP5+, EI 1600, Emofin 10 + 10 minutes 20 C constant agitation.

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#2 HP5+, EI 1600, Caffenol-C-L 75 minutes 20 C semi-stand development

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I like Rodinal, but it is probably one of the worst choices available for this purpose. 24 C? No go.

Best - Reinhold

PS: negative scan with Canoscan 8800F and Vuescan