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Classic camera author Ivor Mantanle says of the Contax rangefinder that regular use of the camera will keep the shutter running smoothly. I tend to agree with that statement.
This is necessary with any mechanical camera, if you don't do it the camera will eventually need a service, i.e. sooner rather then later..
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Generally, the post-war Contax is a simple camera to service - despite what others might say. The design is a solid one, from a mechanical standpoint.
The famous quote about the post war Contax rangefinder was 'masterpiece of misplaced ingenuity' and of the Leica almost nothing inside it...
you pay for the complexity difference on a CLA or if a part is worn, note the contax is nice to maintain, but you need to find some one good.
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Personally, I think the meter of the IIIA adds a noticeable amount of weight, and I'd rather use a IIA and a handheld meter.
I carry a Westom III (and invercone) as well as a IIIa, but still need to go to gym. The IIa are nicer cosmetically, the IIIa is an ugly sister, but there can be a large premium for a IIa.