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Shoot TriX400 and develop it in Diafine 5+5 AND LIVE WITH IT. nothing is better or even comes close. Get it while you can. Once Kodak stabs us in the back its over!!!
Some people might chuckle at this advice, but I think it's the best advice in this discussion so far. Not that the others are off-base, but that Tri-X and Diafine is an outstanding combo and it also scans very nice too. I don't use it very much at all anymore mainly because my style/type of photography has changed. This stuff is a low-light, street photographers dream come true. Diafine is always in two containers on my darkroom shelf and if I need it I rate my Tri-X at between asa/iso 1000 and 1250. The nice thing about Diafine is that if you should buy it to try and aren't real keen on it don't worry, it last almost forever and trust me, you'll find uses for it. I use it with cheap film to test used cameras out that I fixup and repair. There are sites on the NET if you search Diafine and scanning or Diafine with a particular film, that will help you out. I'm not saying it's a magic bullet, but it comes pretty close. Oh, and it's not just for Tri-X either! I did try some Fuji Across in it a couple of times and was very happy with it. I just bought some Arista EDU 100(Foma) in 120 format and will run one roll in Diafine to see what it does. Someday I might even get a few rolls of Arista EDU 400 to try with it. I would seriously think about Diafine and think it might be just the "look" you are after. Just my opinion of course! JohnW