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then you want slower film so you get more information on the neg, whether you can see it or not, your mind knows it's there. Uncle Ansel made contact prints from 8 by 10 negs...

so go slow, Ilford Pan F asa 50, or fuji acros asa 100 (wonderful stuff) -- if ur shooting portraits and landscapes you don't want high-speed anyway. Slower film will give you better tonal ranges, too, and amazing detail. I have the 11 by 14 blow-ups from Rolleiflex negs to prove it..

if you still want speed, use Ilford XP-2, the c-41 process stuff -- it has an amazing tonal range when exposed at asa 400, grain better than asa 100 film, amazing blacks and whites without blocking up or blowing out. I can personally vouch for its wonderfulness.
I agree with you 100% regarding slower film. My main reason for going with ISO400 is for the few extra stops I get with the hopes of hand-holding my 645. I will most likely use a tripod with my RB67 though as it weighs 8 pounds with CDS metered prism attached!

Thanks for the tip on the Ilford!