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Tons has been written about the differences between TMAX-400 and Tri-X. Suffice it to say that both have been re-formulated from their original incarnations. They are now more alike than different -- Tri-X is now finer grained and TMAX-400 now has more guts in the mid-tones. Personally, I use TMAX-400 in 120 as I'm usually using it for portraits or other subject matter where a clean look works aesthetically. In 35mm, I use both films, but I have to say the low grain in 35mm TMY almost eliminates the need for 100 speed film in that format.
I'm probably going to buy a few rolls of both to experiment with. Tmax seems to be more what I'm looking for, however I would like to shoot a few rolls of Tr-X to see how it has changed since the last time I used it.