Hi, thanks guys for the info, I'll look into getting it fixed then, I can't believe that they threw this one out (I spotted it in a dumpster at a art school and asked if I could get it, they responded "That crap? Just take it!"). I'll try emailing Leica and see what they come up with. Any suggestions for a good lens for it? The autofocus seems like something I don't need (I won't be making much prints for starters, I work with a hybrid process at the moment), so any good lens should do it right?

Here's some pics for you guys to look at, it would be great if you could point out what I need to get it working!

What seems to be missing is the bulb and it's holder (since the wires are just hanging loose in the back with some kind of connector, as well as something that's supposed to be fitted right under the bulb's heatsink. The negative carrier seems to be gone as well, right? And what is this easel I've seen people talk about, is it some kind of mask that limits the exposed area of the paper and also holds it down? Is this something that's specific to the enlarger or will just a right sized one work?