Hi. You have the most recent version of this enlarger. You are also lucky to have the variable contrast filter module for B&W printing. Most seem to come with the colour filter module. These are interchangeable. There was also a simple version with a red filter only for B&W. I don't see the negative carrier, which you will need. Try eBay. I see a lot of V35 stuff on eBay Germany. Your enlarger would have been fitted with the later type bulb/holder from new. The bulb is a halogen type with two prongs that fit into the small block attached to wires in your pictures. You need the metal casing which screws into the back with the bulb in place. Leica distributor in Europe, or UK, may be able to help. The paper easel can be any type. If using autofocus, you measure the height from the baseboard top to the easel top. You then raise the column by turning the knob on top to the measured height. There is a scale at the base of the column. You will also need a mains power lead.