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There are more than one... if Los Angeles is to be considered a part of CA.

Real B&W (silver) PRINTING may be a different story, though.
Agreed. There are many places that do fine work but, I've only found one that will make real B&W machine prints. . There may, in fact, be many others...I kinda stopped looking when I found a lab that met my requirements. If you know of any, I'd be interested to her about them...never know when the current lab will follow the others.

(and, yes, I am aware of several good printers who'll make custom enlargements but, they typically will not D&P a whole roll of snaps)

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But this really doesn'thelp out the OP with the "Harmon problem".
True....but, he's got a pretty good problem to have Wouldn't it be fantastic to be able to send film to Harman for D&P? different topic for a different thread though...