Hello again Umut,

From your description, I'm thinking my paper isn't even close to what you're looking for. From what you've said of the end result, it sounds as though you're talking of something with this level of reflection:

Apologies to the web site I pinched that image from... it's actually a photo of silver mylar. I do have some card stock with that level of polished reflection but couldn't get a decent photo of it to show you. I wonder how that would hold up with some Liquid Light coated on it.
Anyway, my paper has a far more matt surface than that and the scan robs it of the small amount of reflection it has.
This is the Argenta Superpress SP602 Silver:

As you can see, it's a tad fogged, particularly around the edge.

This is the Argenta Superpress SP601 Gold:

That one is actually shinier than the silver, although not by much.
I don't think either would be capable of what you're looking to achieve.