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Yes you are quite correct . When I said above I guess I meant below. I was thinking in numbers, 0.8, 0.10 etc.
Well, Yes and No.

Here is a thread where the numbers are explained: 0.04 and 90%. Pretty easy to remember.

Yes... Those are the standard black and white numbers that you take... When you measure what the paper can do.

Here's a post where CPorter explained it...


No... You don't rely on those numbers when printing. Sure you can think of it like you picked the right paper grade when your Zone VIII exposures are at 0.04 white and your Zone II is down around 90% black. But that is just a starting point, a point of departure.

You will always forget about the standards and do what it takes to make the print look good to you.

Make several variations and line them up, show them to friends and family.

Scientists (Loyd Jones) proved people are consistent judges and positive in their choice of what looks best when given a choice.

So even after they came out with numbers and facts, the final conclusions were a concession that, in the end, it's how it looks that matters.