Up for sale is my Beseler 45MXII, in excellent working condition.
Included items are:

Arista Cold Light with VC lamp, working perfectly. I'd estimate about 25-30 hours of use.
Zone VI Cold Light. This needs a new lamp.
Original Condensor Head/Condensors. Has been boxed up for a loooong time...

Beseler Adjus-Table. In good shape. A little rusty on the feet, but perfectly functional (704.50 at B&H).

Beseler 45S Dichro colorhead. Hasn't been used in over a decade, but tested. Lamp lights/ knobs work. I seem to recall an issue with the diffusion disc, but saw no signs of it during this AM's test. It's possible I switched it out before I stopped color printing.There is an extra (and another with the extra cold light head, anyway- I'm pretty sure they use the same diffusion discs).

5 regular.
1 Bes-Align adjustable alignment board (50.00 at B&H).
Beseler Bilateral Adjustment Tool (206.50 at B&H)

Negative Carriers-
35mm/6x7/4x5 non-glass/45 glass
35mm Negatrans
120 Negatrans

As you can tell, this is a fairly complete system, just needing you to mount your lenses. I'm looking for $875 for everything, but open to reasonable offers, as I can't find any references to a system this complete. Pick up in Alexandria, Virginia. I'm also open to trades which may include +/- money. Interested in 5x7 camera/lens, 6x17 camera, 6x9 camera (or anything I might use, and takes up less space).
Paypal OK.