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Another problem I have is that I can only shoot one, process one, shoot one - process, so it all takes a long time. anyway, nevermind.
Sounds like you are on the right track.

Just don't do what I did last night or the other day. With these low concentrations things can go wrong. I made both mistakes...

1. Stir the developer to completely mix it.
2. Don't wash out the mixing vessel after adding the 1 part of concentrate.

Yup I meant to develop in Dektol 1:9, and instead I carefully measured 1 part Dektol. Asked my wife what's 9 times 3. She told me 27 and I carelessly rinsed out the beaker, added 9 parts water and saw it was short of the 30 ounces total, so I added 3 more ounces of water.

I developed a roll of film for 5 minutes in 10 parts water last night.