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I saw a Leica Focomat on craigslist, although I have 4x5MX already, thinking about a small foot print enlarge for contact or sample print. any thoughts?
Hmmmm! I guess I don't totally understand your question. Now, to run a sample print from a smaller format 35mm(you don't say whether this is a Focomat IIc or not) it might be worth it, but for a contact print I don't think it would be any easier or better than your 4x5MX. Of course if it's "CHEAP" and has a good clean Leitz lens then by all means buy it. Sounds like you might be doing what I do way too much. Justifying a purchase? Finding a reason to buy something I really don't need, but really would like. Life is tooooooo short, buy it and have fun. Besides, if you buy it cheap enough you can always get your money back. JohnW