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Since you'll be scanning, why not use a clean color negative film like 160 or 400 Portra. They scan really well and have little grain. Since you'll be working with PS, you can punch up the contrast in post. You also will have more control of the conversion to B/W starting with color negatives than with B/W negatives. You can make lighter or darker monochrome tones for each color separately. You can't do that with B/W negatives.
It would feel too much like converting my normal color digital files to B&W! I really can't complain about the current conversions I get in PS; I tweak them to the point of looking as if they were shot with film. They key words are "looking as if" they were shot with film. There is a richness in tones that can only be achieved with true B&W film. The biggest challenge is scanning the negatives as best as possible to capture those tones. While I have recently printed/framed 16"x20" B&W conversions for commercial display, I know I could have gotten even richer results had I started with a B&W negative.