Yes, rich815, 'I said that' but it is important enough to repeat.

In fact, I consider rolls to film to be 'bulk loads' and load film into the camera in the dark. I put about two inches of tape onto the film advance spool and, in the dark, I tape the bottom of the film so that it extends just onto the sprockets. That way I do not waste more than about one frame per load (of course, I use 100 foot rolls and do bulk loading; for standard cassettes you would have to cut off the leader first). In this way I get to use a roll of film for three or four sessions and develop the film after each session. I despise waste in all areas of life (even if the money wasted is not mine). It is simply intrinsic with me.

eddie: I am a vegetarian so 'T-bones' matter not to me! Besides, for those who are not, the bone and its marrow can make soup, or be used to feed your dog. - David Lyga