It's only card stock, I don't imagine it would be any more expensive than sending anywhere else in the world Do let me know if you want some and what size would be most useful to you. It's sold just up the road in sheets around a metre square (um, 3 feet square, I think). You'd have to provide your own emulsion coating.

In a thread elsewhere (,
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You can do it with mercury, or you can do the Becquerel process - the Becquerel process involves no developing chemical, but instead the plate is re-exposed to full-spectrum light through a sheet of rubylith. You have to change your sensitization process if you plan to do Becquerel development. There are a number of books out there that have an extensive description of the process - the Christopher James book and "Coming Into Focus" by John Barnier are both good references.
So perhaps you can avoid the toxicity? Daguerrotypes aren't something I've looked into at all, aside from seeing mention of them here and there. I'm afraid the majority of alternative processes exceed both my skill and my budget!

With regard to the fires, I've been very fortunate thus far. I do live in a fire prone area but I'm right down in the south of the state so we've been spared the worst of the heat. Thank you for your thoughts.

I can most certainly sympathise with a lack of sleep (it's quarter past five in the morning here), however I'm not preparing myself to read a technical treatise in a second language so you're making far better use of your insomnia than I tend to do!

Enjoy your reading and best of luck with your new endeavour!