OK, OK, everyone getting all touchy and "why are you moaning you unappreciative so-and-so"....

For clarity

a) I stated "with the dev'ing your own film comments aside" meaning "Don't just suggest I do it myself". I have done it myself before, I have the tanks etc to do so but a) have screwed up one too many of my own films and I had never shot Pan F50 + before, so, given that the three rolls had what I hope to be good shots, I wanted Ilford to do them knowing they are very well placed to do it.

b) I was comparing my experience of Ilford using 35mm, where they are super good and pretty fast (less than 5 days usually). I had no benchmark to set 120 to, so this is why I asked the question, to see if it was normal. By the sounds of it, it is, and I should rightly be very thankful they are around to do it for me, as others have said.

c) The comment of "why don't you call them instead of asking here" - having called them twice already I didn't want to ring a third time and sound like a typical moaning customer, given the polite nature of their staff. I am sure there is a valid reason but I don't like to push these things verbally so thought I'd ask folks here.

So I'm not slagging off Ilford and I'm not a total baboon either. I just found that this time round their timescales with 120 were much slower than in previous instances of 35mm, but there is clearly a good reason.

Anyway, I think we've discussed the issue enough - hopefully they'll turn up in tomorrows post anyway.