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So I used the Rollei kit from Freestyle and I'm not sure I like it. What other kit is a 4-chemical kit (no blix for me), and where can I get it? Especially locally, I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks.
Tetenal. The 1 liter kit is a bit expensive @ $40, but that's still less expensive than the Rollei (2 x $23.) Or, buy the 5 liter for $75 ?????

The Unicolor powder kit (It's $19 for a 1 liter and $33 for a double dip) provides a Blix A envelope, Ammonium thiosulfate and postassium carbonate. Obviously the fixer ingredients.

The Blix B envelope contains "Sodium iron EDTA", sodium sulfite, and "PDTA." The latter's CAS number tells me it is "1,3-Propylenediaminetetraacetic Acid ." I found this about that: "[I]A specific chelator especially developed for the photo-finishing process. When it complexes with iron, it is very effective in the bleaching of photographic films and paper." [I] Obviously the bleach components.

The individual baths would require appropriate pH adjustments, I'm guessing. I can't speak to those matters. Point being here that the Unicolor powder chemistry can give you seperate bleach and fix.