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-> Tray processing is definitely cost effective. I am thinking in 250ml, I can get 4 -6 sheets a go. Until I get experience, next few months I will go with 2 at a time.
Tried processing in an open tray and very quickly got hold of a Paterson Orbital - Have also tried the Combiplan and Jobo 25xx tanks. I'll maybe set the Combiplans up as part of a dip'n'dunk line if I ever need to do a bulk of processing.

-> I need to get/do few more things to make everything more smooth:
1. Need a dark cloth for focusing. My bath towel is a little bulky.
Have a look around a haberdashery store - I found a length of coated nylon, black on one side, silver on the other and showerproof. With some velcro stitched on, it wraps around the camera quite nicely - Also has a dressmaker's tape sewn down one side which is handy when doing close-up shots.

Others use a teeshirt or one of them specially made jobbies that look similar - If you go for a "proper" darkcloth, avoid the ones with lead weights sewn in to the edges.

2. Need a way to store up exposed sheets (I don't have a spare box yet). Taking it out of holders, and straight to the dev is tricky. I was afraid of getting it scratched.
Got a papersafe ?
I use a small one when working through a stack of films as it saves on having to fight with the boxes & bag.

3. Def need a better way to keep time. I am thinking of recording a music and playing it in iphone
A cheap kitchen timer that beeps on reaching a set time, or you can get a dedicated darkroom process timer (Paterson still make/sell them).

4. Agitation. Here, I am thinking consistency is much more important than perfect timing.
10-15 seconds on an eight minute development regime is not going to make enough of a difference to see.