This is a great thread to read. I have a B&W develop and print background as well as a life in photography with a photo degree. I put my DSLR's down for December and I have yet to take them back up. I have been getting my B&W darkroom stuff together again. I just shot three rolls of 35mm T-Max, yet to develop. Not so sure what part of all this I am willing to play right now. I think that I will develop the film myself, then put it into plastic pages and scan (as a proofsheet). Then, it is all up in the air from there. I hate the idea of spending $100 on ink for my printer. Also, it is a shame that my enlarger with my Apo Rodagon is just sitting there, unused for so long now. Any needed print correction is going to be easier on my computer after I scan the negative I want to print.