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I think I´m going to buy a Zeiss Nettar 517/2. I´ve heard the built in viewfinder is very smallish[…]
I have a Nettar 517/16 (6x6) which I use as my primary shooter. I've not had an issue with the viewfinder size. Of course, if you wear spectacles I would imagine it would be difficult to get a good view.

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What about parallex error, I guess that increases the more the viewfinder is above the camera, making the inbuilt more ideal?
You will get less parallax from the built-in viewfinder. My Nettar does not have parallax correction framing, however, so it's always a bit of a guess for me. I generally try not to worry too much about it. 6x6 gives me so much negative that as long as I don't cut off the top of someone's head, I'm fine.

I've taken to a diagonal approach in portrait framing, though, so that usually isn't a problem.

I love my Nettar. Great images, big negative, simple, compact. My 6x9 user is a Voigtländer Bessa, but I'd love to have a 517/2.