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All I need is the 80 1.9 and the holy Mamiya trinity is complete, 45, 80 and 150 (28, 50 and 93mm 35mm equivalent)
I have 45/2.8 (can't remember which.. I've hardly used it. I think is's the 67mm one), 55/2.8, 2x 80/2.8's (1 C, 1 N... you get them with cameras!!!), a 80/1.9, 150/2.8 & 150/4.

My 'travel' kit comprises 55, 80/2.8 & 150/4 as they all use the same filter, and fit my bag (the 45 fits too but I don't carry that on holidays).

I generally only use the big guns (80/1.9 & 150/2.8) at home and in fact used them yesterday taking portraits of my sons.