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I'm 48 years old and I'm trying to learn film for the first time. Well it's been about 6 months so far. I'm on the down hill side of life, so I don't want to spend a bunch of time testing, but I do want to start being more systematic about the process.
You do realize that you might live for another 40 years, right?

Here's the thing about running film tests: You need to see what works, from no density to max density. I have a densitometer I bought years back, and honestly I've never used it. I found that simply using a gray scale is just fine. You get a reliable reading of what is happening, from white to black, every time with a scale.

Once you have your scale on the negative, see how it prints on paper. What grade did you use for all of the parts of the scale to go from black to white on the paper? Was it grade 0? Use less development. Was it grade 5? Use more development. Was it 2 or 3? Good enough, you are set to make some exposures!