Hello Everyone!

Although I've learned from the many helpful posts already up, I'm new to actually participating in the forums, and thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself.

I like to think that I'm learning photography in reverse chronological order. I started a number of years ago with digital. It was great for me to learn fundamentals. I then moved to 35 mm film, and learned a lot about developing and printing. I found the Ansel Adams books for $2 each and read them within days. That led me to large format (4x5 for now, but I saw a 5x7 for sale and started thinking...). Then, this weekend I made my first cyanotypes, and am starting to think more seriously about learning additional printing techniques. That and large format macro photography.

My favorite photography to date has all been done outdoors, although I've set up a some studio shots that I'm proud of too. Once I get through all the negs, I'll put together a trip report from my recent backcountry skiing / large format photo trip around lake tahoe to share with everyone!

I'd love to send photos of my work, but none of them are digital, and iPhone photos just don't do justice. Guess it comes with the territory.