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We have all done that at some point.
Patently untrue. Careful, organized darkroom workers easily avoid such mistakes.

OP, your developer may "cleaned" of fix with my patented fix separator, aka "FIX–UP"®. At a more than reasonable one time cost of $499.99 for the hardware and a $49 monthly subscription fee for software integrity assurance (required for the first year), your developer can be fix free! At a blazing ten cc's per hour, you will have your developer back to pristine condition in mere days (running time approximate). Act now and STOP-BE-GONE® is yours as our gift to you. Please PM me regarding payment (cash only)*.

...or you could just mix up new developer and label your chemistry, if you really prefer the old-fashioned approach.

* Results not guaranteed. Offer void in Maryland and any other state with more than 2 letters. Stop-be-gone chemical disposition disclosed by international law as dihydrogen oxide.