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I have owned a Mamiya C330 and I have two Hasselblads. It is faster to swap backs on a Hasselblad than load a C330. Furthermore one can change film types mid-roll on a Hasselblad without wasting a frame or the rest of the roll. The Mamiyia C330 is much more fiddlely requiring flipping from one side to the other to set and cock some of the lenses. There is no such nonsense with a Hasselblad.
As regular APUG visitors will know, Sirius and his C330 did not get along well with each other, whereas he and his Hasselblads have bonded like family.

I'm just the opposite - when I used to sell cameras, I found the Hasselblad 500C awkward and difficult to handle and use.

Isn't it great that we have choices!

By the way, I think advocating for a camera with interchangeable backs in response to the OP's question is cheating .

And I can load my C330 faster than I can load the backs and inserts for either my Mamiya 645 Pro or my Mamiya RB67 - not much faster, but still faster.