Looking to sell some stuff that doesnít get enough (or in some cases any) use. I have positive feedback on Fourthirdsphoto, FredMiranda, Pentaxforums and GetDPI as Albino_BlacMan and on ebay as ctp046.

All prices include shipping unless otherwise noted. I accept most payment methods. All prices are negotiable and I'm happy to do package deal. If any of my prices are way out of line feel free to fire me a PM. Film not included.

Nikon 18-200mm VR1 - $435 Ė Selling my Nikon 18-200mm f3.5-5.5.6G IF-ED VR1, overall the lens is in good condition. Glass is clean and clear with no fungus scratches or haze but it does have quite a bit of internal dust. I donít think it there is enough to affect image quality in any way but there is enough that I think itís worth mentioning. Exterior shows no major marks or scratches. Zoom ring is smooth and Iíve never noticed any zoom creep. Focus seems alright, maybe slightly rougher than the 85/1.8d I sold recently. I bought the lens used and itís always felt that way so Iím not sure what the focus is supposed to feel like, but the focus has never bothered me at all. AF is fast an accurate. The lens comes with front and rear caps, tiffen skylight filter, manual, original box and hood.