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This uses blix, which I don't want. That's why I used the Rollei kit before.
Have you used Tetenal? The reason I ask is that I cannot find instructions for Tetenal C-41 anywhere. MSDS, yes, but no instructions. How are you arriving at your conclusion? I really do want to know.

Looking at the product image on sites, there are seven bottles. If three are used for the developer, which seems to be the norm across brands of liquid chemistry, and one is the final rinse/stabilizer, that leaves two. Hmmmmmm....... One bleach and one fixer? W/o instructions, which perhaps you have located, it seems that this does not necessarily mean blix.

I've also presented 90% of the legwork to show that the Unicolor powder kit has separate bleaching and fixing components, too, perhaps only needing pH adjustments.

If you are hell bent on having separate bleach and fixer baths, I think you are stuck with Kodak chemistries. Welcome to the nightmare. I'm going to make some conjecture: the advantage of separate baths has more to do with control of the chemistry than it does with final results. Willing to be proved wrong.