Eh, screw it. I've owned three off-topic Nikons; four off-topic P&S Canons; a Canon FTb-QL, 4 Pentax H3v/SV meterless screwmount bodies; 5 Spotmatic series bodies; a ME Super; a Super A (black SuperProgram); 2 Hasselblad 500c bodies (almost bought a third); 1 Hasselblad 500EL that was dead; 16 Nikon F bodies of varying vintages and configurations; 17 Nikon F2 bodies of various versions (all metered, but no F2S bodies); 12 F3 bodies (no titanium, limited, or High-Speed models, but regular, HP, and P models); 18 F4 bodies, including one that flatulent1 bought after I'd sold it, then purged at Glazer's for some Contax gear; 5 F5 bodies; 3 FE bodies; 3 FE2 bodies; 9 FM bodies; 3 early FM2 bodies; 25 FM2n bodies; an EM; a FG-20; a N8008; a N90; 4 Nikkormat EL series bodies; 7 Nikkormat/Nikomat FT bodies; 43 Nikkormat/Nikomat FTn bodies; 22 FT2 bodies; and 4 FT3 bodies. Am about to receive two N2000's and another N8008 from KEH, which are coming with a MB-20 for my F4s and some other stuff that I won.

I've owned too many lenses to count. That, and a few motor drives and flash units.