I can remember Jessops when it was just one small and very busy shop in Leicester (originally a chemist). Then they opened bigger premises in the city and carried a vast stock which was also available mail order. They used to print a catalogue which had so much stuff listed you needed a magnifying glass to read the small print. I made a special trip there in the late 1970's to buy my Vivitar enlarger. Later they expanded and got taken over by someone else and gradually it went all down hill. I feel sorry for the staff but I don't think the stores will be much missed. However, as others have said, by buying up and closing so many independents they have reduced choice for everyone.

As for their stock, apparently they are recalling it to a central warehouse where it will be offered back to the supplying companies, where possible. This contrasts with Comet where they had closing down sales where stuff gradually got cheaper until each branch was closed.