Hi Ted,

Firstly, thank you for using our Monochrome Process and Print service, and sorry that you have not received the level of service, offered by and expected from HARMAN technology Limited :

I have spoken to the lab Manager and can hopefully shed some light on the 'delay'.

The lab closed over the Christmas period ( as per our website info ) as the lab is based at the factory it shares the same holidays etc. Post Christmas is actually one of our busiest times to receive work so we have high demand at present, whilst we have additional trained people we can bring in to help on these occasions we have a 'finite' output capacity which we have been working at for the last 8 working days. We should be 'back to normal' by the end of this week.

Does 120 take longer ? yes it can do, 35mm printing has a level of automation, 120 is done frame by frame by an operator, and we do tend to 'batch' 120. Normally ( even batching ) it clears within four days of arriving but in this instance it has been a little longer.

Our lab manager says that if you have an especially important deadline or that it is really urgent ( at any time ) just give them a ring and they will do their level best to get it to you 'ahead of date'.

So, apologies for this delay, you hopefully should not experience it again.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :