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I'm wondering what would be a good minimum shutter speed for the GA645 Fuji camera. I recently got back some film and found many super soft images, with nothing much in good focus. I think I might be too liberal with what shutter speeds I can get away with, with this camera. It's got a 65 mm lens and I go well under 1/60 sec in shutter speeds. At what speed should I try to maintain to make certain that camera shake is not really probable?


The answer is YES, 1/30th is mostly too slow for my GA645. I have not been able to do any of the testing described in this thread to check my camera's focus. But I got back from the lab 6 rolls of film today with 4 of the rolls being high speed 400 or 1600 film. MUCH better sharpness. It has to be due to the higher shutter speeds. 1/45 and higher speeds lost almost 100% better. Only a few throw aways.

I guess I have to shoot a lot less 100 speed film. Makes me sad as I LOVE Acros film.