The new owner of Kodak's microfilm division (sold by Kodak last year) has made a supply contract with Agfa on the supply of Agfa's microfilms to them becoming effective within the next half year.
Furthermore the introduction of new products by Agfa for this business is indicated.

Agfa's films will be sold under the (Kodak-registered) tradename "Imagelink".

It has not been stated of or when Kodak will end supplying microfilms. However Agfa speaks of a significant increase in production, which implies that Kodak is retracting from such manufacture, if not already done.

Basically this means that Agfa takes over former Kodak's share on the worldmarket productionwise.

Seemingly Agfa will still be offering their microfilms directly which would mean that worlwide both companies would compete with the same films.

Wheras Agfa left the consumer field in 2004, Kodak did the last years the opposite by selling bit by bit their non-consumer film productions.