I have one of the 16x20 ones (but I bought it when they were regularly imported to the US and did not cost as much). My experience is that with b/w printing, as everyone else has mentioned, the chemistry lasts a LONG time. The downside I found to printing fiber prints in it was that I started getting spots on the print where the fiber paper would make contact with the side walls of the slot and the waffle texture of the slot would appear in the print as an area of under (or no) development. This was not really a problem with 11x14 and 8x10 paper, but definitely an issue with the 16x20 paper, which is in large part what I bought the thing for in the first place. IF you can solve that problem, or you can stick to RC papers for b&w/RA-4 color paper, it's a fantastic device. Oh, and when full of chems and the water jackets are filled, the 16x20 size processor weighs a ton... move it at your peril, if you can move it at all... I even built a brace out of 2x4s to support my ABS sink when the NOVA and the print washer are in it. Before the brace, when the print washer and the NOVA were in the sink and loaded, they would not sit level because the weight would make the sink bow toward the center drain. Now with the brace it's a non-issue.