I recently ordered some rolls of it in 120 to try it out, which I did last weekend. I am currently thinking about what lab to choose as those PET based films are said to be picky when it comes to developement and potential light leeks.

Concerning the color temperature: if you have Photoshop Elements (or a professional CS version) at hand, you can open TIF and JPG files as RAW files, which gives you a color temperature slider and a green/magenta slider for relative adjustments. It works quite well, albeit not as precisely as using RAW files (which allows for absolut color temperature adjustments). To do so, use the "open as" command in the file menu and change the file type drop down menu to the file extension you are going to open, e.g. JPG.

I have an AGFA RSX II IT8 target from W. Faust. Curious to see whether it does any good. But I'll probably have to wait at least a week for the developement of the film even when I send it out today.

Best wishes,