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I am not so sure what my film background has done for me as I am here now but it has gotten me here I will say that. The new photographers can learn so quickly on DSLR's but do they realize what there is to learn? Are they learning lighting, exposure, emotional captures, fill flash techniques? Are they learning marketing and how to make money to survive? Shooting multiple pics and looking at the immediate results does not necessarily mean that they see these essential things.
I am putting my B&W darkroom together again, after looking at some of my 11x14 model pics from the studio that I used to work at in Chicago in the 80's. Why give up all of the lessons learned there as I perfected my lighting and processing techniques?
One thing I find interesting, most of the stuff I learned in film photography, applies just as well to digital imaging. Lighting, exposure, capture, fill flash, they all apply, picking the right film speed, yeah, higher ISO's are noisier to slower ones, evaluating an image for exposure and colour balance, just as much. Darkroom stuff, not so much...