If I may.
I test all my materials, film, paper ,developer.It has helped me in getting better results. Some people shun away from doing this just the way like the way I hate, hate doing my taxes. Blimey some people enjoy doing their taxes, some do it as a living for others.
How bonkers can you be doing taxes out of pleasure.
What I like about doing this is I also learn something, it is interesting seeing the results. As long as one one doesn't test a "new" film and a "new" developer every 2 months it is fine. I use two film, two developers when it comes to film and I know how they work. I have tested a few more in the past. It takes up about one or two days a year, no more. For me it is worth it.
I have decided to make my own developer. Some people ask me why do you want to do that. You can buy developer. But there is a sort of pride involved, and I know I will learn something doing it.
There is always something to learn, and if it is fun, do it, if not leave it.
As long as it doesn't keep you from taking photos it is fine.