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I just picked up a Toyocaflex for $45. It had a really sticky shutter below 1/25sec, but i was confident that it was just age. After I had cleaned all the nastyness out of the mirror-box, I decided to take some 3-in-1 oil to the shutter. I did not know anything about camera repair at this point, but I understand now that oil is not an ideal fix for sluggish gears.

However, soon after putting oil all in and around the shutter assembly, all the speeds came loose again and are working with surprising accuracy.

I figure, if it works, it works. However, am I doing any long-term damage by putting the oil in it? Should I go have it cleaned ASAP?
You haven't actually "broken" anything, but you have created a potential mess.
Send the camera to someone who knows what they are doing, and don't put any more 3-in-1 oil on cameras. Ever. Anywhere.