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As Richard Henry noted (his work pointed in the right direction), myths abound when it comes to the behaviour of photographic materials, tone reproduction, flare etc. Too many methods and instructions published by people who may or may not have done proper testing, and present no data. Many of the books are written by fine photographers and printers. If their information is wrong, with experience they have learnt to work around it without realizing it.
Even Adams, whom I have learned much from and whom I would suggest that people might study, is out of date. Modern VC papers have changed the reality we live in and films have improved. Adams' concepts are right but the world changed.

Similarly Dunn & Wakefield Exposure manual. The concepts stand well but modern meters are better at their jobs.

In both cases it is prudent to modify some specifics to adapt to the new world when it makes sense.

To Andreas,

For me "finally" finding out what normal was and getting good at normal allowed me to get much better at everything, it gave me a baseline where things worked well and a way to judge what changes improved things and which didn't.

I have tested to find the limits of "normal", the range I can shoot in to get a good print, but my intent isn't to find a personal EI, it is to figure out where to stop when I have to move away from normal/box speed.