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My advice: Don't buy toys with money you do not have, or should have really used for other priorities. And don't go looking for trouble - once you are in the midst of a GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) attack, it will be hard to get out of without damage done. Once your hobby becomes gear acquisition, it is a different hobby than photography. It is sometimes hard to distinguish between the two, but having tried both, I think photography is more fun and better for your overall well-being.
+1 this one. I am still shaving down thousands of dollars of debt from 10 years of GAS for gear I "needed", esp. after reading various camera forums, reviews, etc.

If the desire is burning inside, put $10 in a "F100 Jar" every month for a year. In one year you'll have cash to pay for a clean used body, if you still have that burning desire.

If you can't pay cash, you can't afford it!