Just got back... So sad news is that the post office failed to both deliver the film, and deliver the newly bought filter on time so I didn't have any of it until after I hiked out.

I was exhausted from huffing it out EARLY because the post office closed on Saturday at 1pm so when I got out and finally got the film/filter I was really exhausted and decided it was smart to for sleep for a whole, which was good since now I'm super sick and probably would be worse if I had stayed to shoot more.

Unfortunately after all that I only shot one roll and only some random landscape on the drive back to the airport just to have shot something....

This is what we call EPIC FAIL.

Thankfully I thought ahead and brought a few rolls on the plane so I still got some shots of the canyon just no IR shots... I guess this is an excuse for going back....

As Dan suggested I'm going to order some of the B&W developer I don't have and I ended up shooting a lot of Velvia/provia/ektachrome so I'll have to order an E-6 kit anyway.

A decent haul even for a failure...

It will be a well at least before I can get anything bought, but I'll post, thanks for the last minute help.


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