I just developed an in-date roll of Ilford HP5+ in Ilfosol 3, with Ilfostop & RapidFixer as I've done a few times over this week. There's yellow/cream strips along the sprocket holes along the length of the film. The images themselves are untouched thankfully. I've not seen these marks before so I was wondering if anyone could confirm if it's emulsion that wasn't removed properly? As I opened the reel the markings correspond to the areas which sit in the grooves of the reel. Is there any chance the reel is a little too tight for the film & the chemicals just weren't able to get to the film?

My chemicals are still fairly new & I didn't change my method. However I loaded the film onto a 'new' film reel that I've borrowed from the university's darkroom via the photographic society. I normally load immediately before developing but my plans had to change & my film was on the reel & safely in the tank for 3 days before today, could that affect it?

Do I need to wash/re-fix the film? I didn't pre-soak, but I never usually do and I've not seen this before. It's currently hanging up to dry so I'd like to know if I need to do anything or if I can ignore it seeing as it's on the edges of the film (it covers where the frame markings are).